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Top 5 Percent

LinkedIn does a pretty good job of email communication. I probably read 50% of the emails they send me and I’ve remained subscribed to them for quite a while now.

A few minutes ago I received one of the best emails they’ve sent me yet, subject:

“Ross, congratulations! You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!”

That’s pretty cool, no? I had to read that one. In the body of the message they drop the number of users they have, 200M, and repeat the 5%. Doing the math that means that I have one of the top 10M profiles. Heh, when put that way it doesn’t sound quite as good. It’s funny how top 5% sounds better than top 10M. Both are good numbers to be a part of, but 5% just sounds more exclusive.

The email had a Read More link pointing to a page that was relatively well done page with a little more detail and an infographic that breaks down user numbers by country. There are 74M users in US, so the top 5% there would come out to 3.7M. It feels better than 10M, but is still a large number.

All told this seems like a pretty good campaign for LinkedIn. It worked on me since I’m talking about it in this post. What’s more is there’s a pretty good chance that the 5% of most looked at profiles will include a lot of people with large followings. I’d assume the Bay Area has a disproportionate percentage of the top, at least in tech, given the supply constrained nature of things here.