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Ross is a 17 year veteran of the software industry with experience spanning low-level signal processing, web and mobile user interfaces, high-scale distributed web services, infrastructure, and networking.

He has made numerous contributions to open source, highlighted by his time as a primary maintainer of Gtk2-Perl, which was part of the default install of most Linux distributions. Author of the python-asynchttp library providing high performance, truly asynchronous HTTP requests.

In recent years Android development has been a focus releasing the 5-star rated, 150k+ installs, Muni Alerts family of apps and the 5-star rated SFPark app (acquired and no longer available in the play market.)

In 2012 iOS was added to the mix with the release of Madefire for iOS. With yet another 5-star rating, Madefire was named to Apple's prestigious Best of 2012 list and has received almost exclusively positive reviews.

Since working at Amazon and participating in the Bar Raiser program Ross has focused a lot of attention on recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and mentoring. With extensive experience in individual and team development as well as organizational and project management.


Born in rural Monticello, Kentucky (Wayne County). Ross attended college at the University of Kentucky in Lexginton where he studied Computer Science, interned, and later worked at Lexmark before moving to Seattle for a position a at Amazon. Following that he made a move south to the Bay Area working at companies ranging in size from 3 to 1000's, from pre-funding start-ups to large international corporations.

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Unless otherwise specified all code & examples on this site are licensed with the MIT License. Attribution is always appreicated/suggested, as is letting me know that you find it useful.