XOR Media

Coding, Operations, Etc.


To obtain a position in software engineering where I can utilize and develop my skills in design, analysis, and implementation while leading challenging and interesting projects.

Skill Set


Python, Javascript, Java, Perl (XS,) SQL, Objective-C, C/C++, Ruby, PHP, ActionScript, PostScript


Django, jQuery, Android, iOS (Cocoa Touch,) Rails


Architecture, Scalability, Reliability, Performance, Software Quality, Best Practices, Leadership, Talent Sourcing and Mentoring


MySQL, Drizzle, Postgres, Oracle


GUN Linux, AWS, FreeBSD, Windows, and Resource Constrained/Embedded Devices


Senior Infrastructure Engineer/SRE

GitHub 2015–Present

  • Built octoDNS a multi-provider DNS IaC framework enabling split authority, GeoDNS, and empowering non-technical employees to safely make DNS changes. (ZDNet article)
  • Lead organization-wide project to revamp metrics and observability: collecting requirements, selecting vendors/software, building custom collection & visualization tooling, hosting training and supporting migration.
  • Evaluated AWS usage, cleaned up cruft and revamped backup software and retention saving over $3M yearly.
  • Developed "Map of GitHub" documentation and conducted new hire training and office hours about the infrastructure, software, and services of GitHub.
  • Implemented network chatops tooling for device management and debugging, built device metrics collection infrastructure, and assisted network engineers with implementing network config management.

Chief Architect

Madefire 2011–2015

Editors Choice 2014 — Apple
App Store Best of 2012 — Apple
"Groundbreaking" — USA Today
  • Designed and built a high performance, flexible, four-nines web service powering the mobile and web reading experiences and content authoring.
  • Built dynamic infrastructure in Amazon AWS utilizing EC2, S3, Cloudfront, SQS, SES, ... Written in Python using Django, Djanog Rest Framework, PIL, and Fabric.
  • Developed 5-star rated, robust iOS application with custom UI components, polished UI, and a high performance game-engine style reading experience.
  • Implemented detailed tracking and analytics supporting multiple backends allowing deep behavioral introspection and powerful A/B testing.
  • Oversaw end-to-end system architecture with an eye towards the end user experience including content ingestion, trans-coding, and distribution.

Applications Architect/Principal Engineer

SAY: Media 2010–2011

  • Established and socialized best practices for planning, coding, testing, and organizing sustainable quality software projects.
  • Lead integration of existing engineering teams (VideoEgg & Six-Apart,) selected best path forward, and coached developers on new technologies.
  • Served as a shared dev resource for 5 teams of 2–4 developers encouraging collaboration across groups and building consistency.
  • Ensured high quality solutions to the company's needs were determined, thoroughly vetted, and delivered.
  • Coordinated hiring process & interviewing practices with the goal of doubling engineering organization every 6–8 months while increasing overall talent.

Senior Software Engineer

Sony Inc 2008–2010

  • Architected high performance client/server software for a multi-platform media system.
  • Built metadata ingestion and manipulation libraries/infrastructure that provided access to both local content and public web services.
  • Worked closely with teams from other divisions including the UX and server groups within Sony to take prototyped software in to production.
  • Provided client software libraries to internal and external device groups for integration media services.
  • Gained experience with embedded/resource constrained device development in both C++ and Java.
  • U.S. Patent #20,120,151,390: "User interface for media content presentation".

Founder, Principal Architect

Seedplay Inc 2008

Rapid prototyping and iteration, from idea to implementation in days.
  • Created a content ingestion system capable of importing, transcoding video, extracting screen shots, and other useful information.
  • Extracted, decoded, and processed closed captioning and subtitle from media streams.
  • Developed website allowing browsing and searching of ingested content based on extracted and manually entered metadata.
  • Created Flash media player using haxe and swfmill for playback integrated on website.


SayNow.com, 2007

  • Designed a flexible mobile ad-serving platform integrating with existing VOIP and web systems allowing multi-dimensional targeting.
  • Lead the development team through the code base cleaning out cruft, improving database access code, caching, and code organization increasing developer productivity and reducing up-to-speed time for new developers.
  • Introduced monitoring and statistics systems and processes resulting in improved troubling shooting and system observability.
  • Authored process and architecture documents and guidelines, coached, mentored, and developed junior team members including laying out a path to a fully scalable sharded architecture facilitating future growth.

Software Development Engineer

Amazon.com 2005–2007

Built systems powering digital media for 10s of millions of users and 1000's of transactions per second.
  • Served as lead architect for a set of highly scalable web services holding millions of users' data forming the foundation of Amazon's current and future digital media projects including Kindle, Unbox Video, Amazon Upgrade, and All Your Stuff.
  • Attended MySQL Users Conference including courses in administering and developing with MySQL and applied learning in migration from a monolithic Oracle database to a partitioned MySQL system.
  • Participated in teaching and mentoring including giving technical talks and working with junior team members.
  • U.S. Patent #7,756,753: "Services for Recommending Items to Groups of Users".

Software Engineer

Lexmark International 2000–2005

  • Developed extensive library of image processing algorithms for print quality analysis for use by product teams to assess and track products through development.
  • Served as primary architect of a rapid application development framework that facilitated data-driven programming increasing code reuse and reducing average application size by over 50%.
  • Selected and managed high-end camera and scanner image acquisition hardware, including development of drivers and client/server communication software.
  • Created web-based application for information retrieval from file and database back-ends including the ability to generate chart and table based reports.
  • U.S. Patent #6,764,162: "Shingle masks that reduce banding effect on ink jet printers".

Lab Manager

University of Kentucky 1997–2000

  • Managed a campus-wide hardware and software upgrade of over 2000 systems involving creation of new system images tailored to each lab's function.
  • Resolved patrons' computer issues, providing instruction on system use including technical software: AutoCad, 3-D Studio Max, MATLAB, Maple, and course specific applications.
  • Initiated and conducted a redesign of the Student Computing Services web-site increasing and reorganizing the information for improved usability.
  • Interviewed, scheduled, and trained 7–12 lab consultants.


Pro Video/Audio Productions 1992–1996

  • Worked with live venue sound reinforcement, staging, and lighting for indoor and outdoor events including regional and national acts and festivals.
  • Participated in the design and set up of permanent audio-visual installations.
  • Performed video post-production tasks including editing and computer graphics.

Open Source/Public Projects

Android Transit Apps


  • Perl XS bindings for version 2 of the glib and GTK+ UI libraries
  • Showing it's age, but remains part of the default install on many of the major Linux distributions

Requests Futures


  • iOS view controller to add seamless splash video to applications
  • Supports all hardware and orientations on both v5 and v6 devices
  • (more)



Cooking/Baking/BBQ, Gardening, Photography, Electronics/Micro-controllers, Metalworking, and CNC Programming