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Final Puzzle Solution

My brother got me a pretty cool puzzle for Christmas which claims to have "Over 300,000 wrong ways to assemble the pieces, but only One right way!". The only hint/instructions are that the final solution will be a 3x3 square with six points and six holes on ...

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Top 5 Percent

LinkedIn does a pretty good job of email communication. I probably read 50% of the emails they send me and I've remained subscribed to them for quite a while now.

A few minutes ago I received one of the best emails they've sent me yet, subject:

"Ross, congratulations ...
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Anatomy of a Redesign

Screenshot of the previous XOR Media theme, a slightly modified notmyidea

A new year, a new theme. Since switching XOR Media from it's hand-coded, mostly placeholder, last May I'd been planning to build a custom theme for it and over the holiday break here in the US I had a chance to tackle it. I started by looking around ...

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The Real Startup Curves

If you're in the startup world you'll run across the startup curve, rather frequently. The canonical post on the subject was done by Fred Wilson, but the original concept came from a talk given by Paul Graham

It's not earth shattering, but it does a good job ...

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The Only Good Ad Is One You Don't Have To See

We hate ads. You and I do, but apparently some people don't or else we couldn't make any money with their use. When I released Muni Alerts with ad support about 5 months after originally publishing the App I decided to give users the option of turning off ...

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